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Vicky Cakes is a wholesome 40 year old family recipe for dairy-free/vegan pancake and waffles.


Time around the table just got better!

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The tea..

Vicky Cakes is a Black-owned and Woman-owned company based in Texas.

Vicky created a pancake mix that's been a family secret for nearly 40 years.
As a single mom of four in the late ‘70s, Vicky created this delicious wholesome recipe out of necessity for her children. Then, word spread around town and soon family and friends couldn’t resist her light and fluffy pancakes.

Christian (pictured below) is Vicky’s youngest daughter. Vicky cooked breakfast for the family in 2013 and her husband Cortney immediately fell in love with her pancakes. He suggested they start selling it! Six years later, Christian and Cortney launched Vicky Cakes on Mother’s Day as a historical gesture to honor Vicky for her sacrifice as a mother.
Vegan, dairy-free homemade pancake & waffle mix with wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no GMOs.

"We’re bringing families back to the table with a clean, wholesome product for your family that’s already "doctored up" for you - and saves you time! With Vicky Cakes, just mix in your wet ingredients, and after 5 minutes of cooking you’ll have light & fluffy pancakes or waffles. You deserve better. You deserve Vicky Cakes–America’s best!."

- Christian Sargent