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QBIPOC-Product Gift Boxes

We provide equity to gift giving.

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Take the lead on your diveristy initiatives.

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Explore and support our Black-Owned businesses today, and throughout the year.

BIPOC-Product Gift Boxes

Discover our unique collection of POC gift boxes curated with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and Women-owned products. This is the best way to discover new products and support your local BIPOC communities and businesses.

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"The POC Box team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only was the final product a hit with recipients, but every detail down to the packaging was so thoughtful."
Avani Singh Chief DEI Officer

community love

"Thank you so much for putting together an unforgettable package to help us recognize our staff and volunteers. You took terrific care of us, and we were able to pass that care along to so many in our community."
Ryan Taylor President & General Director

Game changers

Gifting with intention for economic equity.

We will be closed December 17-28, 2022. Submit your group order by November, 23 2022 to ensure a timely arrival!